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Gardening 101: Pretty up a bank, hill or slope

25 March 2022
canadian style house exterior and garden border planted with purple and white iris flowers, spruce trees (picea abies pendula) and shrubs on a slope
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How-to for beginner gardeners with Shannon Hunt.

As a new gardener, or even a veteran one, you may observe a small bank, slope or hilly area on your property as somewhere not conducive to growing a garden. But you may not realise that if your soil is sandy or contains clay or papa, terracing your bank can help build up the soil to support the growth of healthy bushes, trees and undergrowth. It is also a fantastic way to stabilise ground and create walkways on otherwise hard-to-access areas.

Sharpen Your Tools

Before you start digging and shaping your terraces, it is wise to check your spade, shovel and/or grubber end is sharp. Too often I have observed gardeners working with a blunt tool as they try to dig through a well-established lawn or ground cover. Spades, shovels and grubbers can lose their sharp edge over years of use so to ensure all the energy you put into your work is well directed, sharpen the digging end of your tools with a file or a grinder or, if you are not sure how, get it done by a commercial tool sharpener....

Read about shaping, creating a healthy soil base, wooden reinforcements, cardboard weed suppressors, and choosing your bushes/trees in our April issue – on shelves now.
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