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Gardening 101 - August

26 July 2021
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How-to for beginner gardeners with Shannon Hunt.

Germinate Your Seeds, Inside
Now is the time to give your spring vegetables a head start by propagating seeds on a heated mat indoors, or somewhere warm where they are protected from frost and other adverse outdoor conditions. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Heat mats
In this, the last month of winter, the most effective way to sprout your seeds is in a tray, on a heated mat, under cover. Propagation on a heat mat requires no light, but once the foliage pops through the soil, seedlings need full light to grow.

Different-sized electric heat mats are available both online and at good garden supply centres.

Hot Water Cupboard
While some modern homes do not have a hot water cupboard, those that do have a great place for seed germination. That said, you need to ensure the growing medium in your seed-raising trays/punnets remains moist (not wet) and the cupboard temperature is not so high that it dries out too quickly.

Always place your seed-propagating containers on a waterproof tray in your hot water cupboard to prevent your growing medium from finding its way onto your towels, tea towels and sheets.

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