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The race is on to protect our favourite heat-loving plants from winter’s chill.
While still herbs, the tallest are also attractive trees adding fragrance, shade and shape to any garden.
One of the world’s most successful travel writers considers how houseplants have the power to change disconnected lives for the better. Including her own.
Climate change is here and it’s definitely affecting our gardens. Look out for subtle variations across the country.
Though centuries-old, monastic garden designs featuring herbs suit today’s smaller sections well.
Our beloved contributor, Diana Noonan, is also an acclaimed children’s writer and editor whose latest award puts her in good company.
Community compost hubs are popping up around Aotearoa. Find out how this Auckland social enterprise is generating community garden gold.
Andrew Maloy walks us through what to look out for this time of year and how best to take action.
Turn a bank, hill or slope into productive land with these tips from Shannon Hunt.
Commonly known as maples, there’s a multitude of acers available. Gillian Vine shortlists the best picks by size.
Whatever is ailing your pet Monstera deliciosa or your basket fuchsia, don’t give up. With some TLC, you’ll have them right in no time.
The bird for you if you need neighbourhood watch that also does pest control.
Carnivorous plants are addictive, in more ways than one, and a Geraldine grower has a vast collection to prove it.
Cassias add a sunshine splash of colour to late-summer gardens.
No weeding, no watering. Mark Rayner says yes to gravel gardens.
A houseplant passion blossoms with the move to a new home.
Klaudia Krupa shows us how to make a place to escape to and relax in.
While a hot topic today, organic gardening hasn’t always been as well respected.
What to look out for at this time of year and how best to take action.
Rachel Vogan visits the garden of the late great author.
How to revive a potted hippeastrum and late-season courgettes.
In the foothills of the Southern Alps, David and Wendy Millichamp grow 12,000 lilies.
A dairy-free cheesecake and healthy home-made ice creams.
Vivienne Bailey extols the virtues of the revived gladioli.
The golden rules for butterfly gardens.
Rachel Vogan highlights crops that need our attention now.
A staple plant in the hedging department, Buxus refuses to lose favour – despite the blight.
Kiwis love their birds, it’s a fact. Let’s look at some ways to encourage even more to your backyard, without breaking the budget.
How-to for beginner gardeners with Shannon Hunt.
It doesn’t really matter – there are plenty of plants that will continue to flourish as the wind whips around them.
Square-foot gardening has been around for decades, but is it right for your place?
Do you have a bog garden, a damp garden area or a streamside in need of planting?
Daily nutrients and vitamins can be found in microgreens, but it is sometimes the motivation that is lacking.
How-to for beginner gardeners with Shannon Hunt.
With winter an especially tough time for birds to find naturally occurring food, these bird feeders will be a real treat.
Your guide to the dos and do nots for the season ahead.
It’s time to give those roses a long hard stare with loppers in hand. Here is a quick guide to make sure you make the right cut.
Far from fusty, hoyas don’t ask for much – but they deliver in spades.
How-to for beginner gardeners with Shannon Hunt.
A versatile tree to have in the garden, Salix can be the answer for many garden situations.
The humble horseradish has quite the kick.
Faran Gillbanks likes to create mutations. The Wellington-based curator of cacti propagates some of the rarest cacti and succulents in the country.
A beginner's guide to collecting seed to sow in spring.
Follow the recipe to create a simple cleaning spray you can use around the home.
Beetroot is the envy of other crops, while silver beet edges out spinach as the hero of the autumn garden.
It's time to gather up your compost materials for layers of goodness.
Brugmansia offers stunningly full blooms that would not look out of place in the ballroom.
We lift the compost bin lid on the principles of permaculture.
Whether sowing a new lawn or reviving a tired one, we’ve got you covered.
How-to for beginner gardeners with Shannon Hunt.
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