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A versatile tree to have in the garden, Salix can be the answer for many garden situations.
The humble horseradish has quite the kick.
Faran Gillbanks likes to create mutations. The Wellington-based curator of cacti propagates some of the rarest cacti and succulents in the country.
A beginner's guide to collecting seed to sow in spring.
Follow the recipe to create a simple cleaning spray you can use around the home.
Beetroot is the envy of other crops, while silver beet edges out spinach as the hero of the autumn garden.
It's time to gather up your compost materials for layers of goodness.
Brugmansia offers stunningly full blooms that would not look out of place in the ballroom.
We lift the compost bin lid on the principles of permaculture.
Whether sowing a new lawn or reviving a tired one, we’ve got you covered.
How-to for beginner gardeners with Shannon Hunt.
A crafty gardener who saves seed, spies firewood and nurtures cuttings can end up saving a bundle.
For the indoor plant collector, the wish list is long. We look at some plants worth the wait.
Keep your soil moist & plant for Autumn harvests.
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