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Rediscover the charming, old-fashioned blooms our grandmothers grew and loved.
Let your garden lead you by the nose by growing ‘scent-sational’ cool-season plants.
Put on your rose-tinted glasses and learn all about growing these beloved vintage beauties.
One of our most beautiful, yet vulnerable, natives is a garden favourite.
Our former editor adventures to Aotea Great Barrier Island’s one-of-a-kind gardening tour and finds she must adapt to island time.
After a busy summer feeding edibles or flowers, garden soil needs a recharge.
Grow the nut that grows underground.
Rather than toss it, consider whether your kitchen or garden waste can do you a favour.
Light and fluffy-headed but with a crisp base, Florence fennel is a versatile vegetable to grow.
A cabbage relative is on the comeback trail. Learn how to grow kohlrabi.
Plenty of crops can be planted in October. Just be mindful that, in some areas, night temperatures can still plummet to freezing point, which can affect frost-sensitive crops.
Our Plant Doctor advises what to do with feijoas that have grown well but had few flowers and mostly not set fruit.
This native garden not only looks good but is a great example of blending a private garden with the borrowed landscape.
Rachel Vogan gets busy with plenty of edibles to sow and plant now it’s spring - starting with the sensitive seed to sow indoors.
All the winners of our 2023 garden bird Photo Competition
A Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival favourite elegantly combines shade, edibles and outdoor seating areas.
Discover a novel way to inject colour into the winter garden and get creative with your kids.
Drape a hoya around your home for the ultimate piece of living art.
If you love Monstera deliciosa, it might be time to discover some of its many relatives, cultivars and varieties.
Sarah O’Neil resolves issues that may crop up now it's potato planting time.
Our native ferns come in every size to appeal to any gardener.
Shannon Hunt digs into her garden dictionary to help newbie gardeners clarify the meanings of commonly heard garden jargon, especially going into spring.
How organic gardeners keep out damping-off fungal diseases.
We speak with Kiwi gardeners who have a passion for the world’s second-largest family of flowering plants, ahead of October's Orchids & More event.
Our landscaping expert recommends 10 plants to warm things up with a blast of colour.
Sarah O'Neil provides advice on fixing problematic brassicas and onions this month. Here are her tips on dealing with brassica issues.
Our Plant Doctor Andrew Maloy dispenses expert advice every issue on solving garden problems. This month he tackles lacklustre limes among other topics.
Chickens can be an integral part of your whole gardening system. Here's how to best utilise them.
The battle with weeds is never-ending. Why not try one of these 10 easy ways to win the war organically.
When a family couldn’t find their favourite fruit in New Zealand, they planted their own orchard.
Retired blokes around Aotearoa are helping our birdlife, while building friendships.
June is timely to take stock of your fruiting plants and action what to prune, plant or protect.
Eaten straight from the tree, homegrown apricots are the pick of the stone fruit.
Plant lily of the valley and herbal iris for a waft of perfume from your herb patch.
Snake-like, sometimes hermaphrodite and always flamboyant, members of the extraordinary Arisaema and Agapetes families are guaranteed to intrigue.
Be sure to stay on the grow in a month that can feel slow.
Grape-lovers enjoying late harvests or preparing for winter pruning might take a leaf out of the book of a rare surviving table grape grower.
Hayden Foulds has the scoop on the 2023 rose variety releases to pre-order now for winter planting.
As in fashion, food and fads, houseplants follow trends too. And there’s never been a better time to join the movement. Words & photos Liz Carlson
Gravel has long been a popular landscaping material with gardeners – and it’s easy to see why. Words & Photos Mark Rayner
Discover the quick way to put the garden to bed: the permaculture practice of ‘chop and drop’.
What you must think about if you are faced with recovering sodden soil, plants and lawns.
Before you go and get all ‘eggcited’ at launching your long dreamed of backyard egg factory, first there are some things to check.
Rachel Vogan hoes into what to get busy with in the vegetable patch, including food sharing and six speedy veges to sow.
Native to far-flung lands where it has been used as a spice for 4000 years, and highly prized (and priced!), saffron is now being cultivated in Aotearoa – and one Southland grower is exceeding expectations.
Potentially Aotearoa’s most widely consumed herb, hops not only flavour beer. You can also eat hop shoots or calm your mind with them.
While there aren’t many local commercial growers, a Northland nursery owner with a passion for pineapples is helping like-minded Kiwis sate their desire
Brush away any preconceptions to see our underrated native brooms in a new light.
Notoriously picky, routine is the key to unleashing this ‘it’ plant’s star power.
A new bimonthly series begins with how to plan honey crop removal from a hive and what to be alert for to keep honey production and extraction smooth.
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